Do cats have menopause?

Cats do not go through menopause like human women. It looks like their fertility slowly declines the older they get, but they are still capable, if they’re intact, to have litters. Because our pets are actually a different species from us, it kind of makes sense that their reproduction isn’t exactly similar to ours.


Why Are You Aching?

Declining Hormones

Estrogen helps to regulate inflammation and maintain the strength of cartilage, the cushioning material that protects the ends of bones in joints. A decrease in oestrogen levels can result in increased inflammation and decreased cartilage strength, leading to joint pain.

Low Collagen

Collagen is a protein that provides structural support to joints and helps to keep them healthy. As we get older collagen production decreases which can lead to joint pain and stiffness.

Lack of Movement

Exercise is important for maintaining joint health because it improves blood flow delivering nutrients to the tissue and reducing inflammation.

Weight Management

Weight gain is common during perimenopause and this can put extra strain on joints. This is especially true in joints that bear weight, such as the hips, knees and ankles.

Can menopause cause heartburn?

Although it’s not entirely clear, the drop-in estrogen and progesterone levels associated with perimenopause and menopause has an impact on digestion. One explanation is that as estrogen levels decline, the stress hormone cortisol rises, which can disturb digestion. Research has shown that taking hormone replacement therapy that involves estrogen alone may be linked with indigestion. One study reported that women in post menopause who took over-the-counter hormonal preparations or estrogen had an increased risk of symptoms of GERD. This indicates hormones have a role in GERD and heartburn in women.

How can you treat heartburn naturally?

Many people think they need to take over-the-counter or prescription medications to quell heartburn symptoms. However, the good news there are many effective natural remedies and lifestyle changes to try.

Skip the culprits. One obvious remedy is to avoid foods that can trigger heartburn. Keep track of which foods set off the burning sensation, since not everyone is sensitive to the same trigger foods and beverages.