Does stelara cause weight gain?

What is stelara?

If you’ve got sure autoimmune situations, your doctor might also prescribe Stelara for you. (With autoimmune illnesses, your immune gadget is overactive.)

Stelara is a prescription drug that’s used for:

plaque psoriasis in adults and some youngsters
psoriatic arthritis in adults

Crohn’s disorder in adults
ulcerative colitis in adults

Stelara includes the drug ustekinumab, that is a biologic medicine. A biologic medication is crafted from dwelling cells. Ustekinumab doesn’t are available in a biosimilar shape. (Biosimilars are like normal drugs. But not like generics, which are made for nonbiologic tablets, biosimilars are made for biologic capsules.) Instead, it’s available handiest in a brand-call form.

Stelara comes as an answer which you’ll acquire as an injection. For most of its makes use of, you’ll take Stelara as an injection under your pores and skin. Your physician might also provide you with instructions on the way to inject the drug yourself.

But in a few cases, you could get hold of Stelara as an intravenous (IV) infusion from a healthcare issuer. With an IV infusion, you’ll get the drugs through your vein over a time period.

What are Stelara’s side effects?

Like most pills, Stelara might also cause moderate or critical aspect consequences. The lists under describe a number of the extra common side consequences that Stelara may cause. These lists don’t consist of all feasible facet results.

Your physician or pharmacist can let you know greater about the potential aspect outcomes of Stelara. They can also endorse ways to help lessen aspect outcomes.

Mild facet consequences

Here’s a quick listing of some of the mild aspect effects that Stelara can cause. Keep in thoughts that facet effects of Stelara might vary slightly depending at the purpose you’re the usage of the drug.

To find out about different mild side effects, communicate along with your health practitioner or pharmacist, or study Stelara’s remedy manual.

Mild aspect results of Stelara can consist of:

top respiratory infections, along with the commonplace cold*


fatigue (loss of strength)

stomach pain



redness or discoloration at the drug’s injection website online

vaginal yeast contamination

urinary tract infection (UTI)

Serious side effects:

Serious side effects from Stelara can arise, but they aren’t commonplace. If you’ve got serious facet effects from Stelara, call your medical doctor proper away.


Serious side results can include:

  • posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES), that is a condition that causes swelling on your mind and may lead to headache*
  • cancer
  • allergy
  • severe infections inclusive of pneumonia

Side effects:


You’re much more likely than normal to get a chilly whilst you’re using Stelara. This drug slows down the interest of your immune gadget, decreasing your ability to fight off infections. With lowered immunity, you have a better chance of catching a cold.

The commonplace bloodless is an infection due to viruses. With a chilly, you could have signs together with:

  • cough
  • sore throat
  • runny nostril
  • blocked sinuses
  • headache
  • slight fever
  • ache in your sinuses (place around your nostril and eyes)
  • sneezing
  • muscle aches



You might also have headaches while you’re taking Stelara. This is one of the most not unusual aspect effects of the drug.

While the use of Stelara, you can additionally have complications from a situation known as posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome (PRES). PRES is a rare, however serious condition that’s because of swelling within the brain. It was seen in research of human beings taking Stelara.

Other symptoms you could have with PRES encompass:

  • seizures
  • confusion
  • changes on your imaginative and prescient
  • It’s feasible to increase signs and symptoms of PRES after some days to a few months of beginning Stelara.


Stelara lowers the interest of your immune system. And this will growth your chance for positive cancers. In research, some human beings taking Stelara have been much more likely to get pores and skin cancer.

Before beginning Stelara, tell your medical doctor if you’ve ever had cancer. This drug wasn’t studied for safety in humans with a history of cancer.

What is Stelara used for?

Stelara is used for the following long-lasting sicknesses:

Moderate-to-intense plaque psoriasis (PsO).
For PsO, adults and kids ages 6 years and older can take Stelara. With PsO, you have got swollen, purple or darkened patches for your skin. Over time, you can also broaden swollen joints.

Psoriatic arthritis (PsA). For PsA, adults can take Stelara.
With PsA, you’ve got purple or darkened patches of skin and swollen joints. You may have arthritis in joints on each or simply one aspect of your frame. Usually, with this circumstance, you’ll expand skin problems earlier than you increase joint swelling.

Moderate-to-extreme Crohn’s disorder.
For Crohn’s disease, adults can take Stelara. Crohn’s sickness is a situation that affects the digestive device. With Crohn’s disease, you could have inflammation in any part of your digestive tract, from your mouth to your anus. You can also have unpredictable times of remission, when your signs and symptoms are controlled. And you can have times of relapse, when your signs are worsened.

Moderate-to-excessive ulcerative colitis (UC).
For UC, adults can take Stelara. With UC, you have got infection to your massive gut. With UC, you could have unpredictable instances of remission, when your signs and symptoms are controlled. And you could have times of relapse, while your signs are worsened.

To manipulate symptoms of these long-lasting diseases, your physician can also prescribe medicinal drugs to slow down the activity of your immune machine.

Stelara is an antibody (a sort of protein) that’s made in a lab. It works by using blocking substances made by using your immune system that could motive lengthy-lasting inflammation. These substances, known as cytokines, promote inflammation and may cause disease.

Does stelara cause weight gain?
No, Stelara doesn’t have an effect on your weight.

On the alternative hand, in case you’re taking Stelara for Crohn’s sickness, the condition itself may also cause weight loss.

If you’re losing or gaining weight even as taking Stelara, communicate along with your medical doctor. They let you decide what’s inflicting your weight to exchange. And they could advise approaches to help you control a body weight that’s healthful for you.